Top 3 Best To-Do List Apps For Android

I’m one of very those people, who forget the little, yet important things and end up with some tricky situations that are hard to overcome sometimes. Therefore, I like to create a to-do list with priorities, so I always know what tasks I need to do and able to complete all of them in a timely manner. I use multiple applications in my laptop and smartphone to keep my notes and maintain a to-do list for my next couple of days.

I’m a Windows user when it comes to desktop PCs and I mostly use Sticky Notes to keep me reminds my upcoming most important tasks that I need to complete. However, I can’t use this handy app on my smartphone, so I use some other apps along with Sticky Notes that are available for multiple platforms and lets me have a check on all my important tasks from my laptop as well as smartphone. If you are also looking for some best to-do list apps for your Android device, then these are the apps for you:

  1. Google Keep (Free)

Google Keep is a great app to add notes and to-do lists. It is pretty fast and has clean interface that makes it very easy to use. You can also add photos and voice notes too, which are automatically syncs to your Google Drive, so that you can access all these using the web version of Google Keep from any device having internet connection. Using Google Keep, you can also add Google Now notes, location and time reminders, shopping lists, phone numbers and much more. However, it is missing some important features like there is no calendar view, no recurring tasks and some other important features as well that are available in other to-do apps.

  1. Remember The Milk (Free)

Remember The Milk is my favorite to-do list app that has some really cool features, which make task management very easy. This cross-platform app has sliding vertical columns with selection of task lists on the left, title of the tasks in the middle and details of a task on the right. There is also an option to add notes about any task and later on you can see the notes about by swiping to the right. You can see your completed and incomplete tasks, can postpone a task, add reminders and can set priorities of the tasks too.  It also lets you sync your app data to online account on Remember The Milk site once a day to have a backup of your tasks and notes.

  1. (Free) is a beautiful to-do list manager that comes up with some serious unique features which makes it one of the best to-do list apps. It is available for both Android and iOS along with Chrome add-on and has simple and attractive interface. Some prominent features of the are: speech recognition, snooze tasks, sub tasks, recurring tasks, Google Task sync and gesture support. This amazing app can also make possible to return missed calls by reminding you and let you send quick text messages while you are busy.

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