3D Printed Gun Named After a Felon

In 2014, a guy from Japan named Yoshimoto Imura was arrested for allegedly 3D printing revolvers. Imura had presented a zigzag style on which his arrest orders were released and was later sentenced to serve two years in local prison. The word was spread quickly about his arrest and sentence and after some time another hobbyist came in front with a 3D printed gun designed named after Imura. This revolver is more notable for its name i.e. Imura Pistol v2.0

There is always a debate going on about pros and cons of printing a 3D gun. Experts say weapons can only bring harm to human life therefore it is not wise to print them. There is a very strict policy for custodians of weapons in countries like Japan, United Kingdom and Australia. Although the 3D-printed gun community do not pronounce printing 3d guns as making weapons.

A person named Cody Wilson from Defense Distributed was the one who created world’s first 3D-printed gun and posted in online. Soon the State Department ordered him to take down the files stating export controls. Cody considered it an action against freedom of speech and sued federal government with the help of 1st and 2nd Amendment Lawyers. His point is simple that code of printing guns’ plan comes under freedom of speech which should not be disrupted at any cost.

The Imura Pistol that we mentioned earlier was developed a person having username WarFairy presented it a 3D modeling community called FOSSCAD. Imura Pistol is basically an eight-shot pistol that is particularly based on design proposed by Imura in Japan last year. It works with .22 long rifle cartridges that are often used in hunting small animals or playing games. They can also injure a human if used with such intention.

WarFairy probably do not only want to pay tribute to a man who developed a 3D printed gun and got arrested but also to push the limits of technology of gun making itself.

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