5 Awesome Features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The South Korean electronics conglomerate, Samsung needs absolutely no introduction. This company’s Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge feature a screen that can curve around the side of the device. The two flagships are made of metal rather than plastic and include wireless charging as well as advanced camera technology. Let us explore some detailed specifications of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Outstanding Camera quality

It is absolutely true that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has outstanding camera quality. It seems that the company has not hesitated to mix up its camera results with that of many Apple devices. From the side-by-side comparison pictures, and video shots, it becomes evident that Galaxy S6 Edge’s camera has been inspired by the quality of iPhone devices especially iPhone 6 Plus. The photo version of Galaxy S6 Edge, however, seems to be much better.

Ramon Llamas, an analyst, has put Samsung Galaxy S6 in the category of high-end mobile devices.

Upgraded and better look

It is absolutely true that the Galaxy S6 looks like a conventional upgrade with a metal frame. It seems totally different and awesome than any other smartphones of the company. This concept was first introduced by Samsung in September with the Galaxy Note Edge, but the display shows only the curves around the right side of the mobile, wrapping around the edge. This curve is subtler and isn’t downward.

Unique Look of the device

The GS6 Edge has brought a unique look to the flagship. The Galaxy S6 Edge is a flashier device than any of Samsung mobiles. The curved element allows users to access multiple applications and enjoy extended functionality.

Three awesome functions of Galaxy S6 Edge

The Galaxy S6 Edge has come with three little known and amazing functions: A night mode for displaying the clock, notification to check the messages and missed calls, as well as the flash mode of different colors that depend on five pre-selected contacts call you. This device is expected to be expensive as compared to the non-curved sibling.

Galaxy S6 Edge Represents New Era

It won’t be wrong to say that the Galaxy S6 Edge has represented a new era of superb design and sleek look. Its full metal body is highly appreciated, and looks extremely sharp. The company has tried to come up with something highly stunning with its metal and didn’t give preference to make a flagship with that of plastic. It seems that Samsung has tried to move into metal for taking another shot at Apple. Let us see if the company’s efforts prove to be fruitful or not.

The expectations of the people are very high with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It is hoped that this device won’t prove to be a joke, and whatever is told would be true. Samsung knows well the worth of its customers and their satisfaction is the high priority, so in the upcoming weeks, the Galaxy S6 would live up to the franchise with a hope to give the company some fantastic revenues.

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