5 Best Toddler Apps For Android

Android is dominating the smartphone market as there is a wide range of Android devices are available and also have a large number of user base than any other mobile OS. There are plenty of education apps and toddler apps are available on Google Play Store and last year there was a huge shift in the number of Android apps for children.

Nowadays kids are so attached to tablets and smartphones and some parents may face it difficult to keep them apart as kids love these devices to play games and use fun apps. According to a research, kids that use these types of apps are more creative and smart than the other kids, so if you are looking for best toddler apps for Android, then have a look at the apps listed below:

  1. Endless Alphabet (Free)

Endless Alphabet is one of the best free educational apps available on the Play Store for kids that help them to learn the alphabets. There are more than 50 interactive words and 7 puzzles that aim to expand and improve vocabulary of kids by sliding the talking letters to complete the words and see their animated definition. You can also add more puzzles and animations in the app using a one-time in-app purchase. Endless Alphabet is extremely easy to use and navigate with colorful interface that makes it a real fun app for your toddler.

  1. Pango (Free)

Pango is an engaging app for the kids and toddlers that contain interactive and entertaining stories that will keep them busy. The app’s interface and design of the stories is adorable and it is available in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, German and some others as well. Each story has 4-5 screens and the activities are tapping, rubbing, tickling, scratching and shaking the phone to reveal the things, move around and go to the next story.

  1. PicsArt for Kids (Free)

PicsArt is a cool drawing and coloring app for the kids that also help them improve their drawing and coloring by offering different tips and technique. The app has some really nice features with colorful and beautiful interface and multi-touch color filling support, but navigation is a bit clumsy. PicsArt has various tools, background themes, colors, brush types and different controls that make it a complete drawing app to provide ultimate fun and entertainment for the toddlers.

  1. 123s ABCs Handwriting Fun (Free)

123s ABCs Handwriting Fun app lets your kids to write alphabets and numbers by tracking the letters. There are four sets available: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, styled numbers and fun shapes to write down the letters, hear them and erase them by shaking your device. Pencil’s strength and colors can also be customized and each letter has numbered arrows with direction to assist the kids. 123s ABCs Handwriting Fun app does not offer any correction option to evaluate the writing by the kids and it is ad-supported.

  1. Talking Tom Cat 2 (Free)

Talking Tom Cat 2 is truly a best fun app for the kids and toddlers. The funny and cute cat Tom repeats everything you say in his own hilarious voice and also responds when you touch like poke him, smash with pillow, slap him and many other to annoy him. You can also record Tom’s video and share it with your friends on Facebook or upload it on YouTube. It’s an all-time favorite app for most of the kids and it’s the voice of the cat that makes the app really interesting and funny.

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