6 Best Features of Windows 10 desktop

Microsoft has long lifted the veil on the release of Windows 10. This is expected to come up our requirements. After a few glimpses at the features, I could analyze that the Windows 10 desktop is going to be a great experience. Let us have a look at some of its finest features of Windows 10.

Great Cortana

After starting the projects of smartphones, Microsoft has finally presented desktop. Cortina would be a powerful search of Windows 10. Cortina is already available for Windows Phone 8.1, but not for Windows 8. Those waiting for desktop say that Cortana will be a huge part of Windows 10.

Design and Interface

The design of Windows 10 is going to be really very nice. This has come with refreshed and modern icons. The chrome around applications has been flattened to much extent. The first demonstration of Windows 10 on phones reveal that a number of apps like Skype etc would be a part of it.

Microsoft is continuously working on bringing Windows 10 with all-new, universal apps with a promise to provide you comprehensive styling and extra formatting experience.

Its OneDrive cloud storage has gotten smarter to display simple views of the pictures. Other than this, Windows 10 users can expect new apps for People, Maps, and Music.

Addition of Xbox

Games are becoming a must part of our lives. So, here comes the great news, Windows 10 would have a new Xbox app that can enable Game DVR to share clips of many of PC games with your friends. This has also been powered with full messaging support, and multiple activity options to do the right things. Microsoft has also shown offForza Horizon 2 running on a Surface Pro 3.

Charms bar

The Charms bar has also been added with some improved qualities. Microsoft has said that its design is prettier and would be working with Corner-based navigation.

Action Center in Windows 10

This has been replaced with a notification pane named Action Center. The Action Center provides automatic notifications from applications, emails, system updates, and others. If you have gotten a touch device, click on the icon of the taskbar to know how well it actually is.

Full screen modern apps

By default in Windows 8 desktop, a number of apps and files are going to be provides. The full screen launch in appealing colors, along with all modern resizable icons and default apps, has surely much to offer you.

With it, Microsoft is likely to dominate the world’s tech markets once again. The company has started its journey towards the touch-only computing age, and would not leave its users frustrated. People can expect a lot more from their computer desktops. Thanks to Microsoft that has promised to continuously provide us with its updated versions, and would make the transition of Windows 10 awesome.

If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8, then turning it to Windows 10 is a lot easier and convenient. I am sure you would enjoy its great features.

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