Top 3 Best Alarm Apps For Android

One of the most difficult things for me in the world is to wake up early in the morning because I always had trouble to wake up on time from my school days. Actually I have a very bad habit that I always sleep very late and a good habit too, that most of the times I complete my sleep quota of 7 to 8 hours a day, but in middle of both my habits, I normally reach late for my university classes and end up with missing some important lectures and shortage of attendance.

To wake up early in the morning or on the time, I normally set two alarms, so that if I miss the first one, then I may be able to wake up on the second alarm. This thing is working for me fine and many thanks for my smartphone and alarm clock app. There are so many nice alarm clock apps are available in the Play Store with some advanced features like sleep logs and highly configurable alarms along with telling accurate time and additional extensions. Here are the 3 best Alarm apps for Android that you should give a try.

  1. DashClock Widget (Free)

DashClock is one of the best Android alarm clock apps and my personal favorite too because of its cool features that would spice up your lock screen. It is not just an ordinary clock app as it features some useful extensions that display local weather information, unread text messages, missed calls, latest emails, upcoming calendar appointment and next scheduled alarm. You can simply add it as a lock screen widget, but make sure that “Enable Widgets” is turned on in security settings of your device. You can also customize the DashClock by going to the setting page of the app and can also be powered by 3rd party extensions to get more out of it.

  1. Alarmy – Sleep If U Can (Free)

Alarmy is “the world’s most annoying alarm” app that makes sure that you get out of bed and there is no simple option to set off the alarm like other clock apps. The idea is pretty interesting that you need a register a place by taking a photo and once alarm start ringing then you need to go to the registered place and take an actual photo of that place to turn it off. If you are very serious to wake up early, then it would be good to register a place that is very far your bedroom or may be bathroom, so you can get some walk or take a shower to start your day while turning off the alarm.

  1. SleepBot – Sleep Cycle Alarm (Free)

SleepBot is another great clock app for Android that lets your track your sleeping routine with some other very nice features. It helps you sleep better by track your sleep patterns in relation to your movements and sounds. It also features smart alarm that is quite effective as you can set a range of time in the alarm and the app decides the best time to wake you up based on your sleep activity. In addition, it also comes with sleep debt log, sleep statistics, tips to sleep well and plenty more.

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