3D Printed Gun Yoshimoto Imura

3D Printed Gun Named After a Felon

In 2014, a guy from Japan named Yoshimoto Imura was arrested for allegedly 3D printing revolvers. Imura had presented a zigzag style on which his arrest orders were released and was later sentenced to serve two years in local prison. The word was spread quickly about his arrest and sentence and after some time another

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Windows 10

6 Best Features of Windows 10 desktop

Microsoft has long lifted the veil on the release of Windows 10. This is expected to come up our requirements. After a few glimpses at the features, I could analyze that the Windows 10 desktop is going to be a great experience. Let us have a look at some of its finest features of Windows

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Apple Watch

Things Apple Watch Can Do That Android Wear Can’t

Apple Watch is already released and expected to give tough competition to the other watch brands. As is the tradition of Apple is, its major adversary is Google. Android Wear was rolled out during 2014, and is less fanfare as compared to Apple Watch. It has been adopted by the vendors like Samsung and LG.

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Windows 10 Phone Preview

Windows 10 Phone Technical Preview – What’s New?

Until now we’ve learnt a lot about Windows 10. Now is coming the next iteration of Microsoft’s OS that is purposed to create a unified experience across all tech gadgets. Microsoft has already presented several preview builds for computer users, and now comes the turn of the first Windows 10 Phone Technical Preview which is

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

5 Awesome Features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The South Korean electronics conglomerate, Samsung needs absolutely no introduction. This company’s Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge feature a screen that can curve around the side of the device. The two flagships are made of metal rather than plastic and include wireless charging as well as advanced camera technology. Let us explore some

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