Get the micro SD card reader with this Nexus 5 hack

The Nexus devices of Google does not have the micro SD slot in it, but Nexus users does want it in their phones. This Nexus 5 hack will be changing the things for all the Nexus 5 users.

Since the Nexus 1, there is no micro SD slot in the phone and even till the Nexus 5, there is none. The Sockpocets, a Reddit user has decided that there is a need to add that slot in the phone. The plug for the micro SD will stuck into the USB port and the adjusting board will be attached to the main board.

While doing this, the phone cannot be charged and that is the drawback. If you want to increase your storage capacity, but cannot charge, then you need to have the wireless charger.

You will enter the card into the slot that will be identified by the Marshmallow version of Android. As the daughter will be on the back, the battery cover will not be able to move. You can see here that there is no need to make amendments in the software too. The Spigen Nexus 5 case can be used on your phone too.

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