Get it float, fly or dive underwater, the Hero Drone can do it

There had been some bleak reputation of Drone that they are involved in colliding with the planes or use for making secret tapes or even delivering drugs, but this is not true all the time and especially it’s not the case with Hero drone.

This all brand new Loon Copter of prototype drone will assist you to do the investigation, salvage, and release operations, which have to be performed under the water and above the water too. This drone will also assist the to do the examination, following the oil drainage, and learning the marine life.

The Oakland University Embedded Systems Research Laboratory has developed this quadcopter.

These amazing valiant engineers are also in the semifinalists of Drone for Good competition 2016. The winning will be winning the $1 million reward money.

You will find the Loon Copter looking like the drone named DJI Phantom 3 Standards.  This drone has got water barrel, which convert it into the submarine with this ballast water.

When these resilience buckets of water a filled, the drone gets bend to the 90 degrees and the routers are converted into the motors. It is not going to sink completely instead it will be for some meters only, so for now, you can inspect deep under the ocean.

As the tank gets emptied, it flies back upward. Also, it can swim over the water surface keeping the rotors over the water.

The live transmission or live video is not possible with this drone yet. Therefore, if you are running this drone, then you have to wait till the drone gets back for watching the film.

This enthusiastic team is also working on the repeater buoys and acoustic modems.

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