How to use your iPhone as your Car’s HUD

There are many times when we feel the need and urgency to check our phone while driving but failed to do so because of heavy traffic or intense drivers around us. The need is felt more deeply when we fail to handle or find phone during night time, turning it into irritation and annoyance. How can you ignore the fact that the more you need your phone to track the destination you are going to through your Apple map, the harder it is to find your phone?

The new tweak that just got released will help you solve all these problems to some extent. In addition to the resolution of these problems, your iPhone will look cooler among those that are not jailbroken. This tweak will turn your car windshield into a proper HUD (heads up display). Although it is only workable at night but still you cannot ignore the cool factor involve in it. If you are using Apple Maps or Google Maps, then this tweak will turn your car windshield into a digital map guiding you to your destination without you wanting to look at your phone while driving.

All you got to do is to put your phone on the dashboard, making sure that it will not slide away on quick turns causing any kind of hazard to you or any other passenger. Another best thing about this tweak is that it is free and best if you do a lot of cruising at night time. It is available to be downloaded from BigBoss Repo.

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