Simple Tips to Improve Battery Life for Macs with OS X Yosemite

A few of the Mac users have noticed that MacBook Air and MacBook Pro battery life has been taking a downturn with Macs running OS X Yosemite. This has not impacted all the users, however, because it is commonly said that their poor battery life is the result of overuse. There are so easy to follow settings that every user can make to improve battery life of their OS X Yosemite machine. Check the post below.

Let the Spotlight Run its Course

If you find that the battery life has proved to be bad right after the system reboot or whenever it is connected to an external drive, then this is time to let Spotlight run its course. Other than this, you can enable the battery indicator in OS X which is good to keep your battery in an impactful form. This would ultimately speed up Yosemite a bit, and is of great help for Mac users.

Turn Off the Eye Candy

There are so many visual effects of OS X Yosemite that need the system resources to get rendered. This is often lesser noticed in Macs, but it always makes a difference. The settings, however, can be adjusted in the following way.

  • From the Apple menu, go to “System Preferences” and choose “Accessibility”
  • In the “Display” section, check “Reduce transparency” (or Increase contrast)

There are two things to do here: either choose “Reduce transparency” for turning off the translucencies, or “Increase contrast” that would tremendously increase the distinction between on screen elements.

Stop Automatic Updates

A lot of users love to keep the Automatic Updates turned on. But if you don’t want it anymore, then you can anytime disable this function to increase your battery life. Reduce the background activity and enjoy great battery life. There are numerous parts of Automatic Updates, the two being automatic OS X System Updates and automatic App Updates. It is good for you to turn off the automatic data and security updates feature. For this, remember the following:

  • In System Preferences, go to “App Store”
  • Uncheck “Download newly available updates in the background”
  • Uncheck “Install app updates”
  • Uncheck “Install OS X updates”

With it, you would be able to check the App Store for all upcoming versions of OS X.

Disable Unused Location Features

A lot of applications tend to get the information of your location, but if you are not willing to share such information, then adjust the following settings:

  • From System Preferences, go to “Security & Privacy” and choose the “Privacy” tab
  • From the left side, select “Location Services”
  • Disable location abilities for apps you don’t need the function for (alternatively, you can disable them all by unchecking the primary “Enable Location Services” checkbox)
  • Click on “Details” next to ‘System Services’ and review location options there as well

Lower the Screen Brightness

The UI of OS X Yosemite can, sometimes, prove to be irritating due to its too much brightness on devices like Mac, PC, Android, iPhone etc. In OS X Yosemite, you can easily adjust the brightness with the F1 and F2 buttons. Hopefully these tips will help you to improve battery life of your machine.

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