Things Apple Watch Can Do That Android Wear Can’t

Apple Watch is already released and expected to give tough competition to the other watch brands. As is the tradition of Apple is, its major adversary is Google. Android Wear was rolled out during 2014, and is less fanfare as compared to Apple Watch. It has been adopted by the vendors like Samsung and LG. Here we are going to highlight some of the specifications of Apple Watch that Android Wear is lacking.

Apple watch vs android wear main

The built-in speaker and microphone is what makes Apple Watch an incredible product. With it, the users can make and receive direct calls. A connected iPhone is the major prerequisite, but it goes the same in case of the Watch’s functionality.

Send Drawings to Other Apple Watch Users

Do you love to send drawings to friends and family members? If yes, then this is the right kind of product for you. With Apple Watch, the company has tried to put its social and communicative aspects in a single latest gadget.

Touch + Digital Crown for Navigating UI

Having amazing touch and digital crown experience is what would captivate your attention towards Apple Watch. Besides having the touch-screen, the Digital Crown has added an edge to the Apple Watch to give it a competitive look. Its design is highly innovative, up to the requirements of wristwatch lovers. It has used the scrolling and zooming options in the same way as are present in an iPod, and it is one of the most impressive aspects of the digital gadget.

Send / Share Your Heartbeat With Other Apple Watch Users

The ability of sending your real heartbeat to someone special through the Apple Watch is truly remarkable. According to analysts and the various predictions they have made, this smart watch would aid the cause of every trump card that is being lauded.

Connect To Wi-Fi

Yes, you can connect the device to wi fi connection assuming the fact that it is going to give you superb internet experience. Android Wear currently is relying upon Bluetooth connection, but the recent reports reveal that Google has planned to remedy it very soon.

Send Taps / Vibrations to Other Apple Watch Users

Sending of taps and vibrations between the users is a popular and one of the most talked about features of this gadget.

Customize Existing Apple Watch Faces

Android Wear’s watch face is able to be changed with relative ease. In case of Apple Watch, you are free to make modifications and different nuggets of information like climate updates, timer, date changes, and others. It seems that Apple has given its best in this watch.

Make Payments Using NFC

You can now make payments using NFC, all with the help of your Apple Watch. Apple Pay is on the rise. It is expected that its ascent would be buoyed by the introduction of the Apple Watch which has built-in NFC.

Force Touch

The Force Torch is another specification of this product. Apple’s Force Touch display is one of the nifty implementations that are able to detect the strengths of the tap on the display. This would ultimately invoke varying actions on the basis of hard or soft press. It is an innovative step by the company, indeed. The new 12-inch Retina MacBook offers somewhat similar in its new trackpad, and this is something that can boost the existence of Apple across various product categories.

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