Track your health with the sweat sensors

Who likes to have sweat all over them and once we get sweaty, we all want to wash it away, but you did not know that this sweat is pretty precious. Your blood sugar is varied by the chemical concentration in your sweat when you are lower on water and you have a low heart beat. At the University of California, the team of scientist has worked closely to develop a gadget that will include sweat sensors like Fitbit to examine your sweat and find out the molecular particles. The fitness trackers and the doctors will get a great deal of help with such devices that will provide them with the better results related to the athletes’ health.

As we see, the sweat is just a water like thing, but it is full of minerals and other chemicals that will help scientists in knowing about the inside matters of the body. The sweat sensors of this gadget will be able to sense the glucose, sodium, and potassium from the blood. The concentration of lactate will show if the muscles are sore, the presence of potassium and sodium will let you know if the athlete is suffering from dehydration, and also the glucose level present in your body’s glucose. With all these factors, the doctors will get to know that what the alert level of athletes is. With the tiny plastic biosensor, the researcher has designed the gadget in a way that will immediately single out the presence of chemical and their levels in the body.

When a person sweats, the level of these chemicals gets shaky and to overcome this issue, the researchers have added the calibrating instrument over the microprocessor present on the sweat sensor. Wearing this device is pretty easy and it can be worn on the wrist or head of the person. Moreover, it can find out the body temperature too. The data is analyzed by processors, which are present on the device prior to be sent over to the computer or cell phone.

In past, there are many devices have been used by the doctors to determine the internal matters of the body with the help of sweat. Mostly they were to detect the drugs within the patient’s body or for cystic fibrosis within the infant’s body. Such devices are very much under research and development mode, but this device has specifically focused on the sweat based data that will be helpful in gathering more information about athletes and clinical.

The physical condition can be determined in a better way when performing during training sessions or while competitions as it offer you the timely information. Plus, for the other patients, it would be a useful addition for the doctors and researchers to know about their health conditions. One of the professors explained that this will help the clinical in taking a spontaneous sample of sweat instead of wasting time in taking the blood sample first and then going to the lab for many hours.

The attendants present in this research will be able to determine the current health status by wearing this device during the testing phase. Although, the final date has not yet been provided by the researchers, but as soon as the important details will be done, this product will hit the market.

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