Windows 10 Phone Technical Preview – What’s New?

Until now we’ve learnt a lot about Windows 10. Now is coming the next iteration of Microsoft’s OS that is purposed to create a unified experience across all tech gadgets. Microsoft has already presented several preview builds for computer users, and now comes the turn of the first Windows 10 Phone Technical Preview which is made available for phones from a long time. Let us have a look at the features that make it a worth to give a try to Windows 10 Phone Technical Preview.

New Parts Introduced

For the first time, a new design and several new parts have been introduced. The design of Windows 10 is very cohesive to make the users feel an immense experience regardless of the screen size. Ethos has little impact on the mobile. Live Tiles has populated the home screen just like Windows Phone 8.1.

Personalized Experience

In the Windows 10 preview, several Live Tiles can be made larger as compared to the previous version. On the other hand, the People panel has become vertically orientated rectangle. The Cortana Tile should have made into a huge square.

Other than this, the Windows 10 preview has introduced slight changes in the personalized home screen. In Windows 10, the image is capable to become the background automatically by filling the borders around Live Tiles.

There are minor changes made in the app to make it a fit for the home screen in Windows 10 that is sitting above the background picture.

Interactive Settings and Notifications

The “Action Center” has been a big achievement of Windows 10. You can freely expand many of its menus to adjust the settings according to your requirements.  I think the upgrade of the Action Center is a nice option. You can anytime dismiss the alarm, and reply to multiple texts.

Digital Camera of Olympus

The digital camera of Olympus is what you would like the most about this product. You can speak to every text-entry field easily. It is, however, found that this specification is limited for American users only.

Core App Settings

You can easily track the settings of your device easily in the Windows 10 preview. Lots of thanks to the welcoming design and settings of the menu. The setting app has about fifty different categories. In the Windows 10 preview, it has been reduced to much extent, diving the menu into nine different sections, and there is an additional “Extras” category as well.


Microsoft has made it clear that the Lumia Camera app will be stock in Windows 10. The preview has no such application, however. The Windows 10 preview has been added with a “joystick” to the keyboard. It is too easy to make simple changes, but cleverly. The Windows 10 preview doesn’t seem to be compatible with any large-screen Lumia device currently. This may later on be adjusted by the developers and makers.

What’s missing?

It misses some interactive notifications. Of course, the Windows 10 preview looks great. Thankfully, Microsoft has not let us down. One thing that is unpredictable is the overall impact of “universal” apps for Windows 10. Some of Microsoft’s software are also missing here.

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