Best Boat Covers For Trailering – Protect your Boats from Bad Weather, Theft & Animal Attacks

It’s a familiar story and it usually goes like this.

You have bought an expensive boat. You take it out sailing in the sea every few days to enjoy the pleasant weather. The season ends and the time to put your boat away arrives. You start to worry that your precious boat might not last until the next season due to the damaging effects of UV light, rain, rust, dust, and corrosion. Not to mention, animal attacks and thefts.

And you know what?

You’re dead right. Your boat will not last a week unless you store it safely and sound away from the adverse weather conditions and other things around it. This is where the best boat covers for trailering will work wonders in safeguarding your prized possession.

So now that we have got it straight you absolutely need a boat cover, the question remains;

What are the Best Boat Covers for Trailering?

In short, the best boat covers will be tough, durable, and waterproof. It will ensure your boat stays in good condition and not fall victim to the effects of harsh weather, animal predators, or thieves. Plus, it should last long enough to get your money’s worth.

We have tried and tested dozens of boat covers and narrowed it down to 10 best boat covers for trailering in 2020 along with their pros, cons, and a detailed review.

Let’s get started.

Bonus Tip: Don’t miss some good safety tips that we have mentioned in the end.

MSC Heavy Duty Boat Cover – Available in 6 beautiful colors

MSC Heavy Duty Boat Trailerable Cover
With Against
+ Superb quality
+ Easy-to-use
+ Highly resistant to UV, water, and mildew
+ Available in 6 colors
+ Comes with a storage bag
+ 2-years warranty
- Might not last very long
- Cover has no vents

Why do We Like It? The quality is amazing and it comes in 6 beautiful colors. For aesthetic lovers, this is a huge plus.

If you are on the lookout for the best heavy duty boat cover for trailering, look no further than this. MSC Heavy Duty Trailerable Boat Cover is manufactured with marine-grade 600D polyester canvas and double PU coating that makes it unmatched in terms of durability, function, and quality. Best of all, the fabric is mildew and UV resistant. This means that you can use it for a long time without it shrinking or stretching.

You are going to love this. This best boat cover is available in 6 beautiful colors -Beige, Black, Forest green, Gray, Navy, and Pacific blue. What’s more, is that the package includes a storage bag and adjustable release buckles so you can easily fit the cover and remove it when needed. Plus its a full-size waterproof boat cover. So it’s guaranteed to be a great fit for your boat.

Coming to the not-so-many flaws, a few users complained that the boat cover didn’t last for longer than two years before it became completely useless. Others mentioned that the cover ripped right off and there were no vents in the cover.

Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Boat Cover – Highly Environmentally Friendly

With Against
+ Support poles prevent pooling of water
+ No PVC carcinogens in the cover material
+ Hassle-free strapping system
+ 5-year Warranty
+ Available in 7 custom fits
- Not entirely water-resistant.

Why Do We Like It? Entirely free of cancer-causing chemicals, this super environmentally-friendly comes in 7 different custom sizes to be the ultimate fit for your boat.

For those who have a flair for style but excellent protective qualities matter still, the Classic Accessories StormPro is undoubtedly the best boat cover for trailering. With a phenomenally sleek exterior, your boat will be a head-turner even while it’s docked. The stunning display is solely owed to the choice of fabric used in construction. And the best part? This incredibly durable classic fabric is super resilient to water, dust, and wind. And that’s not all. For the eco-conscious ones, this boat trailer cover is free of PVC carcinogenic chemicals. Now, this is a wonderful way of keeping your environment safe and healthy.

One great feature that I liked was the trouble-free strapping system that utilizes the quick-release buckles. A matter of seconds was all it took to conveniently take the cover off and strap it back on with no hassle at all. Best of all, the straps help secure the cover in place so there is no flapping of fabric. This trailering boat cover comes with an impressive 7 different sizes. This means that you can get the best custom fit for your boat.

While this boat cover features a support pole to stop water from pooling, there have been complaints that the poles were too small to work effectively. Others mentioned that the cover was not entirely waterproof and mildew kept settling on the seats.

Seamander Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Cover – Best For Fishing Boats

Seamander Trailerable Boat Cover
With Against
+ 12 Straps for a Tight & Secure Fit
+ Thick & Durable Water Repellent
+ 2-years Warranty
+ Vast Variety of Sizes & Colors
- Poor Air Circulation
- Color Tends to Fade Slightly

Why Do We Like It? Extremely thick and durable with high water-repelling properties, this is a perfect cover for your fishing boats.

Easily the best fishing boat cover, the Seamander Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Cover is super thick and water-repellant. Fortunately for the 600D marine-grade woven polyester canvas and double PU coating, this boat cover will hold its own during challenging weather conditions. And the cherry on top? It is manufactured with interlocking double stitches that will prevent the cover from losing its shape and boosts its durability. You will find that this boat cover is incredibly versatile due to its vast availability in multiple sizes and 7 breathtaking colors. Keep in mind that the color tends to fade after a while.

What we loved the most was the industrial-strength shock cord that will ensure that your boat is well-protected and fitted securely in place in the face of high winds. Another great feature is that it comes with 12 adjustable straps. You will find the fitting even easier and won’t need to invest in additional straps. Plus, trailering will be a breeze with this best boat cover for trailering. We did notice that the boat cover wasn’t very airy due to the inefficient venting system. This poses a risk for mold to grow inside your boat cover.

iCover Trailerable Boat Cover – Highly Durable

iCOVER Trailerable Boat Cover
With Against
+ Highly Resilient against high winds
+ Multiple Vents provide optimal air circulation
+ Super easy to install & remove
+ Comes with easy-to-follow instructions
+ Highly Durable
- Sizes slightly smaller than advertised

Why Do We Like It? The double stitching makes this boat cover super durable and it will last you for a long time without ripping to shreds.

Available in 6 solid colors, iCover Trailerable Boat Cover is a treat for the eyes and your boat. The main selling point of this quality boat cover is that it is constructed specially to resist damage against high winds on the freeway. Plus, it also has air vents at the back of both sides to withstand the wind pressure. Apart from being 100% waterproof, the 600D polyester material of this boat cover will safeguard it from water, snow, dust, and more. Not to mention that it comes with buckled straps that help in quick installation and removal.

You’ll be glad to know that this trailerable boat cover is constructed with rugged materials and double stitching. What this means is that your boat cover won’t rip so easily. Another great feature is that it comes with an easy-to-follow set of instructions and is incredibly easy to clean. Whether you reside in high sunny areas or a more humid climate, the 600D marine grade polyester cover will protect against both.

While testing, we noticed that the size advertised wasn’t very exact and it didn’t quite fit the larger boats. It’s a shame that the sides were completely exposed to water and UV light. But other than that, we can’t complain. This is hands down one of the best boat covers for trailering.

AmazonBasics Boat Cover – Best For V-Hull Runabouts & Bass Boats

AmazonBasics Boat Cover
With Against
+ Relatively Inexpensive
+ Unshrinkable & Non-Stretchable polyester
+ Lightweight
+ Solid Protection Against External Elements
- Straps Slightly Short

Why Do We Like It? If you don’t want to fork out a lot of money and can forgo fancy features and accessories, this is a great boat cover that ticks all the right boxes.

The perfect no-frill boat cover for the v-hull runabout or your bass boat, this inexpensive boat cover by AmazonBasics is an excellent choice. The feature that stood out for us was that this provides heavy-duty protection against external elements that makes this the best boat cover for outdoor storage. Manufactured from 100% woven polyester, this boat cover can resist the worst of the elements including rain, high winds, snow, and relentless UV rays.

Here’s the best part. The polyester doesn’t shrink or stretch and remains securely in place. Additionally, the straps secure it even further for when you are traveling with this towable boat cover. But wait there’s more. This best boat cover for railing comes with a drawstring bag and is super light for your convenience. Not to mention that it offers three size options and has a 1-year warranty.

But that’s not all. This AmazonBasics boat cover is relatively inexpensive and perfect for those on a budget who can’t be bothered with too many bonus features or fancy accessories. Although I ought to mention that some users complained of water pooling and short straps that are unable to secure the cover effectively.

Leader Accessories 600D Waterproof Trailerable Boat Cover – Best Value For Money

Leader Accessories Runabout Boat Cover
With Against
+ Available in 7 spectacular colors
+ High Resilience to Water, Winds and UV light
+ Highly User-friendly
+ 3-year Warranty
+ Excellent Fabric Quality
- Water tends to pool on the cover
- Sizes better fit for smaller boats

Why Do We Like It? The fabric is very high-quality and isn’t prone to tearing or ripping easily while trailering at high speeds.

Arguably the best boat cover for trailering, Leader Accessories 600D is perfect for areas where the weather conditions are very challenging. Manufactured with the 600D fabric, your boat storage cover will remain strong in the face of heavy rains, winds, and UV light. And the best thing about this boat cover is that it comes with corner parts that boost the overall protection and it is super user-friendly. All you need to do is adjust the side straps to cover your boat perfectly. Best of all, the maintenance is not too much work. You will be glad to know that Leader Accessories 600D has a whopping 3-year warranty.

Another great feature is that the cover has a reasonable weight and yet is very tough. You can trailer this travel cover for long distances without any signs of distress, tearing, or fraying. What’s more, the two rear vents allow for good air circulation. While the straps on this boat cover are enough on its own, the good news is that you can always add more straps via adding tarp clips. While testing, we noticed that water pooled on the cover and it didn’t cover the larger boats very well. We suggest you opt for this best boat cover for trailering smaller boats.

Anglink Waterproof Boat Cover – Able to Resist High Water Pressures

Anglink Waterproof Boat Cover
With Against
+ Withstand High Water Pressures up to 2000Pa
+ Comes with 11 Quick-Release Straps
+ 3-Years Warranty
+ Mesh Storage Bag Included
- No Support Poles Included

Why Do We Like It? Able to withstand high water pressures, this boat is perfect for trailering your boat that faces heavy downpours now and then.

Another one of our favorite boat covers, the Anglink Waterproof Boat Cover is a perfect choice for those who don’t want the color of the cover to stain or rub off on their precious boats. Manufactured with RIPSTOP 600D polyester with a PU coating, this outboard boat covers a water pressure of up to 2000Pa. Considering that most inferior boat covers have a capacity of resisting up to 700-800Pa water pressure only, this is mighty impressive. What this means is that your boat cover will last a long time while ensuring protection against challenging weather conditions.

If you thought this couldn’t get any better, you are wrong. Featuring 11 straps with a quick-release buckle system, It will fit your boat nice and tight. On top of that, the elastic hems ensure a secure fit even further. Another great feature is that the boat cover is 100% UV resistant. You can rest assured that your boat will survive the ravages of the UV light. The 3-years warranty and the additional mesh storage bag adds to the appeal of this boat cover even more.

Another point worth mentioning is that the fabric seams come with waterproof straps to prevent water seepage. One drawback is that there are no air vents that could potentially cause mold to grow. Moreover, we would have appreciated it if support poles were included in this price as well.

Classic Accessories Heavy Duty Boat Cover – Best For Towing

Classic Accessories Heavy Duty Boat Cover
With Against
+ 5-Years Warranty
+ Storage Bag Included
+ Convenient Buckle & Strap System
+ Free of Harmful Carcinogenic Ingredients
+ Support Pole Included to Provide Extra Support
- Support Poles Not Particularly Sturdy

Why Do We Like It? An eco-friendly, lightweight, and long-lasting boat cover, this is a perfect choice for towing as seams ripping or accidentally falling won’t be an issue.

One of the best boat cover brands out there, we are bound to include another boat cover by the Classic Accessories. And trust me when I say that Classic Accessories have gone over and beyond with this Heavy Duty Boat Cover. To start with, it is constructed purely out of 600D marine-grade polyester. This makes it super durable and able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Plus, it will keep your boat safe and sound away from the drastic effects of UV light, dust, snow, and rain. One feature that we appreciated was the support pole that helps prevent water from pooling. However, a few users have complained that the support pole is not quite sturdy and falls at times.

You will be happy to learn that this boat cover is super light and comes with straps that help faster the cover tightly to the boat while towing. As if that’s not enough, it also features an elastic cord to provide even more secure coverage for your boat. And the quick-release buckle and strap system is a cherry on top. Is it any wonder why this is one of the best boat covers for towing? On a side, we would have appreciated additional buckles and straps in this unit for a better fit. But the good news is that you can always add more of your own and they come pretty cheap too.

Another great feature is the rear vents that allow adequate air circulation. Thereby, preventing the growth of molds or bacteria. Plus, this boat cover is available in multiple sizes to provide a customized fir for all your different size boats.  As with most of the Classic Accessories products, this boat cover is free of any harmful carcinogenic materials as well.

PrimeShield Waterproof Boat Cover -Best For Travelling

PrimeShield Boat Cover
With Against
+ Offers Great Fit
+ Able to Survive Freezing temperatures up to -68F
+ Supreme Quality
+ Highly Convenient Buckle-Strap System
+ Super Lightweight
- Slight Water pooling

Why Do We Like It? We loved how light the boat cover was. Added to this, this boat cover is super tough which makes it perfect for long-distance traveling.

An absolutely marvelous boat cover from Primeshield, this is manufactured with 300D polyester fabric along with a PU coating. Loosely translated, this means you will end up with a cover that can withstand extreme weather conditions including heavy rainfall or snow and high temperatures. What’s more, it will remain strong against freezing temperatures as low as -68F as well. Isn’t that impressive? Coming to the durability, this boat cover sports double-stitched interlock seam. Not only will it not fall out of shape but it will last you for a decent amount of time too. Another great feature that stood out for us on this boat cover with elastics was the elastic hem. This lets you adjust the fit until it is customized to fit your boat flawlessly

But wait there’s more. One of the best boat covers for trailering, the PrimeShield comes with a convenient buckle-strap system that makes the mounting and removing a stressless process. Not to mention it is very lightweight which makes it perfect for a travel boat cover. Too bad that this boat cover also lets slight water pooling. But the good news is that it is available in multiple sizes so a comfortable fit for your boat won’t be a problem.

EmpireCovers Aqua Armor Boat Cover – Best Pontoon Boat Cover

EmpireCovers Aqua Armor Boat Cover
With Against
+ 100% Waterproof
+ Excellent Customer Service
+ Easy-to-Install
+ Superb Quality
+ Straps and Elastic Cord Ensures Tight Fit
- Instructions Guide Not Included

Why Do We Like It? We loved how it fit our pontoon boat securely and tightly. On top of that, this boat cover stuck to its claim of being 100% waterproof and highly durable.

One of the best quality boats covers on the market, the 1200Denier Polyester manufacture of the EmpireCovers Aqua Armour Boat Cover leaves us highly impressed. To begin with, the material used is 100% waterproof to prevent water damage against mildew or dampness. Now keep in mind that it is entirely waterproof and not just water-resistant or repellent as most other inferior boat covers are. Not to mention that you won’t have to deal with bad odor and mold formation.

Secondly, this boat cover is highly durable and remains strong in the face of harsh weather conditions including high winds, snow, and scorching UV light. Featuring a heavy-duty shock cord hem that goes completely under the boat, this cover will fit your boat tightly and securely. On a side note, the EmpireCovers have a reputation for excellent customer service. As for the installation, it was very easy but we did notice it was more convenient with two people. A few people have mentioned that an easy-to-follow instructions guide would have been better in terms of installation.

What Factors to Look for When Buying the Best Boat Cover for Trailering in 2020?

Knowing what factors to look for is fundamental if you want to make sure you are getting the best boat cover for trailering. Here we have taken a quick look at some of the most important factors you ought to keep in mind. Not only will it help you reach your decision faster, but it will also ensure you don’t end up getting disappointed in your purchase.


Choose the material of your boat cover very carefully. Will it help protect your boat from water or UV light? If you plan on using a travel boat cover and not just for storage, you need to ensure that the cover will withstand the test of time when faced with challenging weather conditions. A 150 or 300-denier fabric will be fine if your boat will spend most of the time in a garage or a shed. Alternatively, you should go for a higher denier range if your boat will be exposed to external elements for lengths at a time.

Size and Fit

Now, this is a given: You ought to check the dimensions of your boat carefully before buying the cover. Why is this so? Speaking from experience, you don’t want to end up with a cover that doesn’t fit your boat properly. If the cover is too large, it will not protect your boat. On the other hand, if the cover is too small, it can result in mold and foul smell.


Not all boat covers out there are trailerable. If you are going for a trailerable boat cover, make sure that it comes with elastic cords to fit tightly over your boat. Plus, a trailer-compatible boat cover must have a buckle and strap fitting system for ease-of-use. You can easily fasten the cover securely over the bottom and remove it without any hassle. Another thing to keep in mind that you should fit the cover very tight over the bottom. This will cause reduced air circulation that can in turn cause mold and mildew.


Keep a rough estimate of the amount you are willing to spend on the boat cover. This will help you narrow down your decision faster. That being said, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. While expensive boat covers do have some extra features and accessories, the other cheaper ones will serve you equally well too. We have included the best boat covers for trailering that can cater to all your budgets.

Best Safety Tips While Buying the Best Boat Cover for Trailering

One thing that you all are probably familiar with, Safety should be your number one priority. Here we have outlined a few basic safety guidelines that should be in place when getting a cover for your boat.

  • Firstly, don’t procrastinate on buying a boat cover. If you have a boat, that’s great. But now you need to ensure you get the most use out of it. And for that to happen, you should invest in a boat cover asap to protect your boat from falling victim to challenging weather conditions.
  • Secondly, you ought to invest in a cover that is most compatible with your boat. To put it into simpler terms: If you live in areas that have heavy rainfalls or high humidity, opt for a water repellant or better yet, a 100% waterproof boat cover. Similarly, if you are getting a boat cover for towing, go for the one which will remain tough against high winds.
  • Thirdly, the size of the boat cover is important. You see: if the boat cover is too big, it won’t protect your boat effectively. On the other hand, if the cover is too small, it will lead to mold formation and bad odor.
  • Lastly, if you have decided to invest in a boat cover, after all, you need to maintain it properly so it lasts you for a long time. To do that, use a boat seal cleaner for dust removal. Remember to rinse it afterward. Store the boat cover in a clean and dry place when not in use.

Ending Thoughts

Here you go, folks! This is our take on the best boat covers for trailering that will safeguard your boat from both external and internal threats. Plus, we have also included some safety tips and a buyer’s guide to further aid you in your journey of buying the best boat cover for your individual needs.

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So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and choose the cover that you feel will be the most compatible with your boat.

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