17 of the Coolest Boats of All Time

Whether you are an avid fisherman spending most of your time in the sea, or a modern-day hipster cruising around the Maldives with a posse of friends, or you are infatuated by the sight of sumptuous, cool boats lurking around the shore. One thing for sure is, you need a boat!

Whatever you yen for, there is a tailor-made boat designed for you and your needs. In this era of modern technology and robotics, the watercraft industry continues to thrive, leaving us no choice but to buy crazy boats for our daily adventures.

However, buying a boat is neither a five-finger exercise nor an impulsive decision. From the right engine of the boat to the optimum size, everything counts when you’re opting for the right boat of your choice.

Here are 17 of the coolest boats in the world tailor to suit your needs:

1. Adastra Superyacht

Adastra boat

With a 16meter beam, a garage door, and a helm station, Adastra is a deluxe five-diamond hotel voyaging around the seas.

It won’t be wrong to say Adastra is a luxurious yacht meticulously designed for the affluent and well-heeled by the renowned multihull designer John Shuttleworth. The designer made sure of providing all the luxuries with low fuel and power consumption acing the idea of sustainability and it is seen in the designer’s way of stickling for accuracy.

Adastra takes the efficient power trimaran concept to a whole new level by stripping out the conventional vessels such as Earthrace.

The best part of Adastra is it gives you the leverage to clean the fuel through its automated fuel management system. 

So, if you’re looking for a badass boat to kill your time and go on an adventure with your friends and family, Adastra should be your go-to option.

2. ONAK Canoe 2.0

ONAK Canoe 2.0

When it comes to durability, accessibility and design aesthetics, ONAK Canoe 2.0 is the only awesome boat that comes in mind.

Light-weight, straight forward, tough and compact, it is the best-looking boat with the liberty to carry around several places. 

ONAK Canoe 2.0 is the foldable watercraft measuring 183 x 33.5 inches, spacious enough to accommodate two individuals on the deck so your partner could accompany you on your boating excursions and adventures.

It is one of those low-maintenance, strange boats that are familiar to anyone with a slight hint of traditional boats i.e. easy to operate.

Therefore, if you’re thinking to go on a fishing adventure with your friends amid your usual routine, ONAK Canoe 2.0 comes to the rescue. Just dismantle the fittings and fold the straps to take it anywhere.

3. Gibbs Aquada Amphibious

Gibbs Aquada

Ever since the advent of high-tech mechanization, amphibious cars have been a topic of debate, until the arrival of Gibbs Aquada. If we were to nominate the best car rowing gracefully on water, we would always choose Gibbs Aquada. 

You must remember the car floating on water in GTA San Andreas, flawlessly? Seems like Gibbs Aquada’s concept is inspired by the former video game. Besides, the Gibbs Aquada is fun to drive either on land or on water.

Gibbs Technologies takes pride to introduce the only successful amphibian car whose interior looks like a posh sports car, while the exterior paints the picture of an exotic boat.

This luxury boat is a blend of powerful features such as 15 whooping gallons of fuel capacity with dihedral trims and bilge pumps. However, Gibbs Aquada is designed with no doors to prevent leakage.

So if you can afford either a boat or a car, why not choose both and give Gibbs Aquada a go?

4. Aurora-6 Submarine

Aurora-6 submarine

Submarines are known as one of the marvelous discoveries of ancient times being used in wars, scientific research, and whatnot. Who would have thought of riding a submarine casually for adventures and other explorations?

With Aurora-6, riding in a submarine with the family minus the navy uniform is now a dream come true. Aurora-6, as the name suggests, accommodates 6 people (5 passengers + 1 pilot) covering the maximum depth of around 1000m and this is by far the coolest submarine boats in the world.

The view outside the submarine is enhanced and enchanted by diverging the excess hatch to a different compartment rather than the windows and it can tilt at the surface while boarding which makes it one of the unique boats. 

The Aurora-6 submarine is equipped with leather seats and cup holders to cater to the comfort of the passengers, offering a solid, straight back stern designed to dock to support yachts at the surface securely.

5. Scubacraft Convertible Boat

Scubacraft Submersible

In movies and action games, you must have witnessed an unusual boat diving deep in the sea and then emerging out rowing gracefully on the sea surface. Well, who would have thought they can own one in reality, as well?

A yellow watercraft, that too is submersible and reaches the depth of over 100 feet. What do you reckon of it? A submarine? No, it’s a scuba craft!

Scubacraft is an odd yet genius boat that qualifies as both; a submersible and a speed watercraft with an engine running at a speed of 160hp. However, like the actual submarine, the scuba craft is not pressurized and so the hull is not fully encased like that of the real submarine. Therefore, the people riding this awesome submersible boat must wear scuba gear.

Scubacraft is one of the most versatile and the least expensive submersible as compared to its other competitive submarines, having some kick-ass features such as multiple dive capability, underwater communication system, onboard GPS, etc.

6. Kormaran K7 Transforming Watercraft

Kormaran K7 Transforming Watercraft

Kormaran K7 is the unbeatable beast when it comes to enumerating the coolest boats in the world. A luxurious watercraft that can operate as a catamaran, trimaran, monohull and a hydrofoil making history in the marine industry.

One bizarre feature of Kormaran is its ability to transform into the sea, even in motion. So, if you’re stuck at point Nemo and up for some lazy sunbathing, transform your boat into an island in the middle of nowhere to enjoy basking in the sun with much comfort and ease.

Kormaran K7 is tailor-made for everyone keeping the aesthetics in mind, so you can customize the shades on this dream watercraft, according to your preferences. Besides, it is the 23ft crazy boat whose luxurious vessels offer several pilot configurations allowing you to transmute the shape and other settings at the flick of a switch.

If you’re looking for a highly adaptable cool boat with awesome features to blow up your mind, there is nothing near to Kormaran K7 transforming watercraft.

7. Hot Tub Boat

Hot Tub Boat

Imagine hanging out with friends, sharing drinks and all smiles in a giant Hot Tub Boat. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, not anymore!

Hot Tub Boats are fancy and sturdy boats made for a terrific experience while you relax soaking up in the water. Powered by dynamic electric motors and steered by a simple joystick over the starboard side of the boat, these exotic boats are exquisitely crafted for the common, fun-loving people.

However, the concept of motor Hot Tub Boats is based on the contemporary inflatable tubs that float on water. Besides, these boats move faster than the inflatable ones with speeds of up to 6 knots. 

These boats can accommodate around 6-7 people with some awesome features such as built-in dry storage and a pair of coolers to keep your drinks cold.

If you’re in a mood to spend summers with your friends fishing at the riverside, Hot Tub Boats can serve the purpose as they are highly affordable, low-maintenance and user-friendly. 

8. PlanetSolar Solar-Powered Boat


With the rise of green technology, the world is yearning for sustainability and so is the watercraft industry. To serve this purpose, a Swiss eco-adventurer Raphael Domjan introduced one of the coolest boats in the world named PlanetSolar that works exclusively on solar energy.

PlanetSolar is undoubtedly Raphael Domjan’s biggest work, inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s reference to the Sun’s immaculate energy and force in his famous novel “The Lord of the Rings”.

The 100 feet long, 50 feet wide and 25 feet high catamaran is the world’s largest solar-powered boat that depends solely on solar energy the whole time it stays in water with an estimated average of 20kW engine consumption and accommodates around 400 people on board.

The yacht proved out to be so powerful yet energy-efficient that it qualified for the Swiss foundation race for water, and it opened doors for further future inventions relying on renewable energy and resources.

9. MY Ady Gil (Earthrace) Yacht

MY Ady Gil

Owning a yacht doesn’t always have to be about sleek and stylish designs, MY Ady Gil, previously known as Earthrace, is one of the weirdest boats to date which outdid the traditional yacht designs.

With a speed of about 32 knots, a length of 78 feet, and a beam of 23 feet, the main aim of My Ady Gil’s designer was to ensure the superior speed of the yacht without compromising on its overall performance in the water.

MY Ady Gil is a trimaran (a triple hulled yacht), however, this strange boat is also doubled as a submarine enabling it to function even at the depth of 7 feet under the water surface without affecting the speed of the yacht.

The most noticeable factor of MY Ady Gil is its ability to function on two types of diesel; regular diesel and bio-diesel, therefore, the trimaran is powered by two 540 hp Cummins Mercruisers engines, one for each type of diesel.

10. Jet Capsule Mini Jet Yacht

Jet Capsule

What happens when you cross-breed a jet ski with a cool boat? Yes, you get a Jet Capsule.

The Jet Capsule is not your ordinary boat yet it is small, highly customizable and a fiberglass boat made to experience the real beauty of the seas. At first encounter, it might be misconceived as a midget submarine except for it’s not meant for exploring the ocean depths.

The exterior of a Jet Capsule looks like a mixture of Gondola lift and Jet Ski, however, it’s the interior that makes all the difference. The Jet Capsule is graced with photochromic windows to change their transparency with respect to light intensity and a fully customizable interior with a small kitchen to light the candles for your party, cozy beds on which you can sleep in comfort and a sundeck so you can bask in the sun!

Your gateway to enjoy the next holidays with your friends on an island. What else could you ask for!

11. The Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

The Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

Have you ever witnessed a beautiful boat with extraordinary brains? Such is the Zebra electric wooden boat.

Having the most incredible design aesthetics, this awesome boat has so much to offer; with the minimalist design and an eco-friendly approach, both in a single line of watercraft, the electric Zebra aims to evolve the boating industry through character and poise.

The motor installed in the Zebra wooden boat is electrical and powered by the combustion engine or wind sails, and this provides a silent form of propulsion. So the Zebra electric boat is ideal for the silent sea riders.

For all the modern tech-savvies, it features a sleek OLED touchscreen tablet perfectly positioned on the dashboard to navigate the watercraft or to entertain the passengers. This retro yet exotic boat accommodates around 6 -8 people on its soft, comfy leather seats. The seats are arranged like that of the car seats i.e. driver’s seat and passenger seat.

12. Galaxy of Happiness Yacht

Galaxy of Happiness

Who said cruising around the seven seas has to be boring and tedious? Well, if you think it is, you probably didn’t notice the Galaxy of Happiness.

Galaxy of Happiness is the trimaran where you find grace and tranquility, both, and when it comes to efficiency, accessibility, and stability, the galaxy of happiness stays true to her name!

Keeping naval architecture and efficiency in mind, the designer of the mighty trimaran was truly inspired by Adastra which is evident from the space-craft exterior of both the trimarans. Of course, there’s much more in store for the Galaxy of Happiness than for Adastra such as the efficiency and the majestic interior.

The Galaxy of Happiness is a hybrid-powered trimaran, outfitted with electric engines that can be driven by the generators to successfully deliver a silent mode at the speed of six to eight knots for several hours.

The interior, however, is like a five-star hotel draping in a high fashion where the huge upper deck of the trimaran is divided into two decks namely; the main deck furnished with sofas, sun pads and a long dining table that seats 12.

The saloon is spacious yet styled elegantly and has a bar at the corner. The windows and skylights are LCD glass and dimmable.

With all these cool features and many more, the Galaxy of Happiness is taking the trimaran yachting game to a whole new level!

13. Quadrofoil – Electric HyDrofoil Boat

Electric HyDrofoil Boat

Just like for flying above the land you need an airplane, similarly, for flying above the sea level, a Hydrofoil boat would suffice!

Hydrofoil boats are nothing new to the present-day technology, however, as a matter of fact, the efficiency and features it offers now vary in performance of the conventional boats. A Hydrofoil electric boat is a four-legged yacht whose legs protrudes from the sides and raises the yacht out of the water when traveling at speed and thus reduces drag.

The electric Hydrofoil is an unusual, personal boat designed for two persons and allows to adapt the driving style according to your preferences. Due to its highly efficient battery-powered electric motor, it doesn’t produce noise and other harmful emissions.

With your body above the sea surface in an electric unsinkable, we bet there is nothing as adventurous as riding Quadrofoil. So, get your hands on this cool boat to experience one of the best adventures of your life.

14. Seabreacher Personal Watercraft


We sure would love to swim with the dolphins, whales, and sharks without causing harm to ourselves, but being the one is more daring and adventurous.

With Seabreacher, you’ve got the privilege to be a shark, or a dolphin, or whale; the choice is all yours!

The modern Seabreacher is a combination of a ferocious marine animal and a fighter jet with a supercharged marine engine of up to 260hp breathtaking speed. With your feet, you can control the rear-mounted water jet turning from side to side and tilt up and down. 

That’s not all! You can also control the fins at the rear by your feet functioning like elevators on the plane.

15. Nauti-Craft Suspension Boat

Nauti-Craft Suspension Boat

Let’s admit it! We are scared to death by the turbulent skies in the air, but the turbulent waves make our hearts skip a beat real fast! And to cater to this problem, Nauti Craft’s genius invention is the one we never thought we needed.

Just like the land vehicles use suspension to isolate the road shocks, Nauti-Craft’s crazy boat separates the deck from the hull via hydraulics to combat the harsh jolts and pitches of choppy waters.

The technology offers several features addressing the needs for suspension in the market such as it provides the self-leveling and auto-adjustable options for different load conditions and sea states and the hydraulic interconnections provide beneficial functionality without requiring power when underway or at rest.

For a smooth and safe experience, Nauti-Craft’s nautical work of pure art is what you all need!

16. U.S. Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion Combat Boat

Landing Craft Air Cushion

If something is used by the US Navy, it must be of high caliber. Landing Aircraft Cushion is not your everyday, fancy boat, rather it is used as the landing craft by US Navy.

The Landing Craft Air Cushion vehicle is used to transport the weapons, personnel and other military equipment from ship to shore and across the beach.

It is a high-speed watercraft that is fully amphibious and carries a humongous payload of around 60-70 tons. The feature that qualifies this amphibious watercraft as the US Navy asset is its ability to reach over 70 percent of the world’s coastline, however, the average conventional landing craft can reach about only 15 percent of that land.

17. Hyper-Sub Submarine Boat

Hyper-Sub Submarine Boat

Hyper-Sub Submarine Boat is one of the world’s coolest navy approved speedboat that leaves no room for imperfections!

When we speak of the Hyper-Sub Submarine boats, we are neither referring to the submarines nor the speedboats; we are talking about an all-rounder, all-in-one, fully submersible powerboat transforming you into one of those classy boys from the fiction movies.

With a speed of 26 knots at the surface and an augmented performance in the depths of seas regardless of sea pressure and other obstructions, this unique boat is the world’s coolest boat.

Moreover, the Hyper-Sub’s unique modular design makes it stand out from the crowd. It is divided into two main parts, namely the dry chamber (passengers’ area) and the sea frame (functional base unit of the Hyper-Sub).

This awesome speed boat gives you the leverage to explore the vastly unexplored terrains in the sea without compromising your safety.