Several new emojis, including the middle finger, added to the first iOS 9.1 Beta!

Apple released the first beta version of iOS 9.1 after announcing the new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro, and Apple TV 4 at the ‘Hey Siri’ event. The first beta release of the software is currently available for the developers to download and has been launched alongside the GM versions of iOS 9 and watch OS 2.

At the very first look, the latest beta version of the software doesn’t seem to carry anything new except for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil support, but after observing a little you’ll notice this: addition of a new set of emojis according to the latest Unicode specification!

The company has added a considerable number of emojis almost across every category including Objects and Animals & Nature. The latest character additions to the keyboard include new emojis for a lion, unicorn, banana, cakes, tacos, cheese wedge, squirrel, bow and arrow, volleyball, crab, robot face, some prayer beads, and even an emoji for the finger – the bad one – yes you guessed it right – the middle finger!

The middle finger emoji seems to be heading to iOS almost 15 months after the approval for Unicode 7. The set of new emojis in iOS 9.1 includes several new expected characters, such as (:praise:), and the :burrito:, but the :middle finger: is the most unexpected and unpredicted one to be incorporated in Apple’s platform.

The new keyboard will come with the iOS 9.1, which is expected to be released later in the month of November, and at the same time Apple will also launch its iPad Pro to the public. Until now, it’s not clear whether the new version of iOS will include any other new and major features, or it will add support for the iPad Pro only. Anyhow, in the meantime, users will be able to update their iPhone or iPad to iOS 9 on September 16th.

Although there are several new emojis for the users to go through with the first iOS 9.1 beta and they might not have seen all of them, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that there are enough to be going through at for the time being. Also, it appears that most, if not all, of the emoji categories includes at least one new addition in the early beta version of iOS 9.1.

Because of all the excitement and hype, it’s fairly easy to forget that the company still has to perform some work on the software that the next-gen iPhones and iPads will run. Months have passed since Apple has been testing its iOS 9 software, and developers have also been craving to put their hands on the software, but it doesn’t at all means that the tech giant isn’t ready to move ahead from iOS 9, as we can see that iOS 9.1 was also been in testing, while displaying up on the Apple Developer Portal for the very first time yesterday.

The new software, which has been already confirmed by Apple to be the one that will power the new iPad Pro, will go on sale in November.

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