Tesla introduces robotic snake-like charging tentacle for Electric Cars

Tesla Motors, an electric car company, recently revealed a new prototype charger for its vehicles. It’s a robotic-arm, snake-like car charger that automatically guides itself into the charging port of the car without the driver having to move or do anything.

The robotic snake-like charger rises up and makes its way right into the car. Bill Howard (ExtremeTech) viewed it as a “multi-segmented” robotic arm which “rises up and slithers like a snake” toward the left rear panel of the car into the charging port, aligns and then connects itself.

The tech superstar and CEO of the company, Elon Musk, tweeted last year in December about the making of the prototype: “We are actually working on a charger that automatically moves out from the wall and connects like a solid metal snake.” The CEO wants his electric cars to show quality and at the same time be convenient for people. Though, things got a little weird at Tesla’s R&D department when it comes to charging and electric car.

The snake-like arm of the charger consists of 18 flexible segments that slide out from the wall, gets closer to the car, the charging port opens probably by “car-to-charger communication” and the arm bends further and guides itself automatically into the charging port. This whole procedure takes some seconds to complete.

Matthew Humphries, the senior editor at Geek.com, suggested that the whole concept behind this invention is that when you’d drive home or to a park, or a charging station, for example, this charging system will do the rest. It will also hook the car up through its charging port. In order to achieve this, Tesla Motors required a way of “detecting where the car’s charging port is, and then inserting the cable successfully.” And they found the solution through the robotic tentacle.

According to Humphries, he assumed that the charger has a camera embedded in the end that searches and finds out the car’s charging port.

In general, the charging system for Tesla electric cars suggests that creativity is still alive at the company. The charging system isn’t for sale yet; it’s a prototype. Earlier, Elon Musk referred to the charger as a solid metal snake.

BBC reported that it’s a prototype and the company has no plans to sell it yet or in the future.

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