How to Turn On or Off Live Photos on iPhone 6S Camera

One of the prominent features of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is Live Photos that lets you transform a still photo into a short movie clip. Actually camera app captures a second before and after you take the photo and adds live action to the photos. By default, all the photos taken with the new iPhone will be saved as Live Photos which makes your images interactive. However, if you are not fond of it, either because it takes more storage space or you simply want normal photos, then you can turn off Live Photos feature.

How to Enable or Disable Live Photos on iPhone Camera

Here is the simple procedure to turn on or off Live Photos on your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus:

  1. Turn on your device camera from either home screen or lock screen.
  2. On the top of the screen you will find a concentric circle icon. Tap on it to turn off the Live Photos feature on your device. If the circle is yellow, then this feature is on, otherwise not.
  3. Now you are all set to take the pictures in the normal way.

From now on, all the photos will be saved as normal photos. To take Live Photos, you have to turn on the feature again.

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